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In order to make the film a possibility, we need support from family, friends, and community. Monetary contributions aid technical aspects of production, including equipment costs and travel expenses, which allows our crew the best resources to support their individual creative talents and our overall aesthetic and philosophical vision for the documentary. Sponsorship in the form of financial contribution and access to resources supports the documentation of this extremely important moment not only in midwest regional history but also in the narrative of our nation’s environmental choices and future.

With financial sponsorship, our team will be able to capture the essence of the changing landscapes across the entire Flanagan South pipeline route through 11 counties, speak with as many affected community members as possible, and document important events surrounding pipeline construction. Funds are needed specifically for travel expenses such as vehicle rental, lodging, and food; equipment purchasing and rental; and post-production work. Bringing a fully expressive and artistic sensibility to the film will be accomplished in the use of high quality color Kodak film stock, processing, and telecine;  and quality equipment like wide angle lenses, telephoto lenses, and dolly rigs will enhance the visual cinematic experience.

With sponsorship, this film will bring the unique experience of traveling along the Flanagan South pipeline route to Missourians and others to whom the experience would otherwise be inaccessible. As an integral part of Missouri’s history and future, the journey and film are symbolic of not only the societal decision to alter the terrain but also the consequences of such decisions. The goal of the film will be to document this change, in an elevated artistic style that focuses on the natural beauty of Northern Missouri and allows the viewer to contemplate the impact of the pipeline while remaining neutral in overall political commentary. Like the journey, the film is above all, an experience, and one to be shared.

To contribute, visit our Indiegogo campaign site and join us for our launch party in November!


Rough Budget for From the Pipeline Documentary Project

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