Answering Your Questions

We get a lot of great questions from the audiences at our screenings, including some we can’t answer without more information. We always make note of these inquiries and get to work doing research to give you the best answers we can.

Below are questions we’ve received at our most recent screenings in Kirkwood and Oakville. The research for these answers are in progress – stay tuned and we’ll be posting answers as soon as we find them!

We are so grateful to have such engaged community turnouts at our screenings – it means we are building a more informed citizenry. Please continue to send us your questions!

  1. Are citizens taxed on the electricity that is used to heat tar sands pipelines?
  2. There’s a project $8.7million in tax revenue from the pipeline in Missouri? What does that money pay for?
  3. Does the heat from the underground pipeline affect marine life when it crosses under rivers?
  4. How much crude oil is being transported through the United States right now?
  5. How much tar sands are being transported through the United States?
  6. Has the spearhead pipeline had an incidents in its 50 year history?
  7. What happens to the waste produced from refining tar sands, including the liquid chemicals?
  8. How much more energy is used for tar sands extraction than fracking or crude oil?
  9. Is tar sands economically viable anymore with the falling gas prices?
  10. Are there tar sands reserves in the United States like there are in Canada?
  11. What happens to decommissioned pipelines? Do they get excavated or cleaned? Is the residue from a decommissioned pipeline dangerous?

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