Railroads or Pipelines? Opinion Piece Looks at Risks and Safety of Petroleum Transportation

In our film, Mayor Larry Ritter discusses his view of oil pipelines as being a safer alternative to railroading or trucking petroleum material. All modes of transportation have their risks when it comes to transporting crude oil and tar sands. In this thoughtful opinion piece published by the Duluth News Tribune, Thane Maxwell writes that the choice between railroading, trucking, and pipelining petroleum material is a false one. Many energy companies use all modes of transportation to increase their capacity; a pipeline is not necessarily a replacement for railroading material. In many cases, it is simply an addition. We must weigh all the risks associated with each mode of transportation for each community. Transporting petroleum material poses many dangers, and no mode of transportation is 100% risk-proof.

Read on for more thought provoking information: http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/opinion/local-view/3917811-local-view-oil-trains-pipelines-offer-false-choice

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