From the Pipeline Screens at Franciscan Sisters EcoJustice Film Series

Last night we presented From the Pipeline as part of the Eco-Justice Film Series put on by the Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Health in Kirkwood, MO. We had a wonderful welcome and a wonderful, engaged crowd. We were so grateful to spend over an hour answering questions, taking comments, and making notes for things we need to investigate even more. We love hearing what audience members think about the film and the issues. And, of course, we love meeting community activists and hearing about how our community is growing in awareness, action, and solidarity. We see screening From the Pipeline in two parts: 1) to show the informational cut of the film and 2) to have a community discussion afterwards, not just about what has happened but what can happen. Screening From the Pipeline as part of the Eco-Justice Film Series was the perfect balance of these two aspects. Please visit the Franciscan Sisters for the Earth website to learn more about the films that will be showing in their next season of the film series. We are so grateful to be part of such an incredible series which has shown important social issues documentaries for several years and has attracted many activists, conscious community members, families, and students to attend and contribute to the conversation about ecological health in our local community.

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