From Common Dreams: “US Oil Pipeline Industry Quietly Building Network That ‘Dwarfs Keystone'”

Common Dreams published this piece yesterday which mentions Enbridge, Inc., the company who built the Flanagan South. The piece makes the important point that a network of pipelines is being built across the United States with little public comment or mainstream attention. In our documentary, interviewees Lorin Crandall and Mike Diel, also make this point in discussing the Keystone XL in relation to the Flanagan South. By focusing our attention on one single pipeline that relies on approval from the State Department (not an environmental department), we loose sight of the broader fossil-fuel energy infrastructure and future fossil-fuel commitment of the United States.

The approval of new pipelines and pipeline conversions across the United States is allowing for the construction¬†of an entire network of fossil fuel transportation that would exceed the capacity of one single pipeline. Local groups, including those in shown in our documentary, have opposed pipelines in their own states. Due to the current permitting and regulatory practices surrounding pipeline construction and conversion, often little can be done to stop these “local” pipelines from being built (the impact of these pipelines is felt both locally and nationally). However, prospective national opposition to this entire network of pipelines (instead of just opposition to one or two) might turn the tide.

The article also cites the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, the part of the Department of Transportation our interviewee Danny Ferguson discusses in our documentary.

Read the Common Dreams article here:¬†US Oil Pipeline Industry Quietly Building Network That ‘Dwarfs Keystone’.

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