Thoughts from our Screening at the Center for Spirituality & Sustainability

Thanks to the Center for Spirituality & Sustainability and the Piasa Palisades Sierra Club for hosting us tonight and inviting us to share our documentary! Hearing perspectives from the community is not only fun and interesting but important to our work. We truly value being able to share our film in a community setting like tonight, where we can promote important discussions about the US energy infrastructure and fossil fuel projects that are impacted us close to home. When we set out to make From the Pipeline, we knew a community perspective was the one we wanted to capture most. We envisioned screening the film not just at festivals but in local community settings where people could talk about the film, ask questions, and hopefully, leave the screening feeling more connected and aware. From the Pipeline does not end with any call to action other than to go forward with new information and an expanded knowledge of how pipeline construction happens in our country. Being informed community members benefits us all. This is exactly what From the Pipeline is about, and we are truly grateful to have the opportunity to connect our work to local communities at a grassroots level.

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