Educational Resources – A Toolkit, A Work in Progress

We continue to work on a new edit of the film, but we’re also continuing grow our Educational ResourcesWe hope to share all that we learned on our journey along the Flanagan South with viewers and activists through not only our art but also by compiling various resources into a toolkit, available digitally and in print. Visit this page of our website to find unabridged, searchable transcripts of every interview (with hyperlinks to more information about important references), links to research documents, news articles, and stories about the Flanagan South, and short 2-3 minute educational videos that focus on specific topics in the film (such as the History of the Pipeline, Legal Issues, and Ecological Impact) that include extra footage and interview highlights.

PDFs of the interviews are downloadable and Educational Videos are compressed into an online only format and supported by Vimeo (with download options available).

A free print version of the Educational Toolkit is also available by request. Please contact Caitlin via email at for more information. Classroom materials available soon!


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