On the Road Again: Missouri Rivers and Waterways

This morning we met with Adrian City Councilman Danny Ferguson who discussed the impact of the pipeline on the Grand River. Water for the city of Adrian is pumped from the Grand River and a rupture in the Flanagan South nearby would pollute the water. Danny took our crew down to the banks of the Grand to see first-hand its beauty and importance. After talking with Danny, we got to explorer the river and its surrounding forest and shale banks.

danny and caitlin

Hazel, our producer, captured underwater shots and time-lapses using the Go-Pro, a small “extreme action” camera. You can see the gallery of Go-Pro photos here.

Grand River

Our last stop was the Missouri River. The crossing of the pipeline is much further North than our travels, but the entirety of the Missouri River could be affected by a rupture. Spending time near Cooper’s Landing, we captured images and time-lapses of the river to show its ecological, aesthetic, and recreational benefits.


1 thought on “On the Road Again: Missouri Rivers and Waterways

  1. You stopped at Cooper’s? That’s a gem on the river. You’re likely back home by today, but if you pass by Jefferson City, let me know! I’ve really enjoyed reading your daily updates, so good to vicariously catch up with old sources.

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