On the Road Again: Saline County

Today we spent a lovely afternoon with Jack Harvey, a farmer in Malta Bend, MO, who showed us around his property and pointed out the Flanagan South pipeline crossings. The pipeline passes underneath the Salt Fork River on his property and goes through wetland areas that host migratory waterfowl. Like Neal, Jack grows soybeans and corn and hopes to be able to use the land cleared for the pipeline as soon as possible. Restoration crews from Enbridge have not yet made it back to Saline county to fully restore properties, and large mounds of dirt and debris are still scattered across Jack’s land. Visible from his living room window, Jack is mostly concerned about the pipeline’s benefit to landowners and has helped lead Saline county’s coalition of landowners to review contracts and easements proposed by Enbridge. Neal helped lead Lafayette counties coalitions and in the year leading up to construction (in 2012), Neal and Jack worked together to collaborate the two counties’ landowners for strength and support. Like Neal, the land Jack now farms has been passed down in his family through a trust. “I have a loyalty to this land,” Jack says of his land and his brother’s just farm down the road.

Jack Harvey with Cattle

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