Our Indiegogo Campaign Enters It’s Final Days!

As we move into 2014 – sure to be a big year for environmental policy – we also enter the final days of our Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign. If you haven’t checked out our page and our awesome perks (including posters, t-shirts, behind-the-scenes access, and previews), you can find it here. We hope to reach a goal of $5,000 by January 10th!

Your financial contribution helps us to capture the important and moving stories along the Flanagan South Tar Sands pipeline. We hope to travel the 200 miles  of the pipeline route in Missouri this spring, and we can’t do it without your support.

Thanks to those who have already contributed (see a list of our funders here) and we hope to see your name on this list before our campaign ends! Happy New Year!

Launch Party Success!

Thank you to those who helped make our party last night a huge success:

  • Allie Magee and Hazel Mullan for organizing and everything else!
  • Sue Zera for making the lovely centerpieces
  • Pam Lewis & Webster Facilities Operations for contributing hard hats and safety vests to our photo booth
  • Geoff Janovsky for finding and donating the cardboard for the photo booth
  • Kate Burrus at Schlafly for giving us the space
  • Drew our awesome bartender

Thank you to those who contributed to our campaign at the party:

  • Brenda & Mike Dinges
  • Linda & Tim Kolley
  • Marsha & John Flemming
  • Scott & Nancy Neiman
  • Laura & John Magee
Preview of the Film at Schlafly

Attendees enjoy a preview of the documentary in the Schlafly Crown Room