Sloup #40 Follow-up

While we didn’t win the funds raised at Sunday night’s Sloup, we did have a fun time, got to meet a lot of cool people, and the winner of the evening is a great organization (Circus Harmony!). Maybe we’ll see you at Sloup again soon! 

Sloup #40 Winner: Circus Harmony

Filming at the Climate Rally Tonight



Tonight we captured some film at the climate awareness rally outside Busch Stadium before the World Series game. Activists from a Missouri chapter of climate action displayed signs reading “Leave the oil in the soil” “No Keystone XL” “No Flanagan South” and “Climate Change Hurts” among others. A protester also jumped into the frame of a live sports broadcaster who was reporting on the sidewalk and gave a message about stopping the Keystone XL pipeline. 


Hazel catches the action


Thank you to everyone who came out to SLOUP #40 to support our project and all the other amazing projects going on in St. Louis. We scored a few extra votes from the mad-dash piñata race, and we appreciate all in the audience who cast a vote for us! It will be announced either Monday or Tuesday the winner of this month’s micro-grant. We’ll keep you posted!

(left to right) Development Coordinator Allie Magee, Director Caitlin Zera, and Producer Hazel Mullan. Photo by Dan Goedeker

(left to right) Development Coordinator Allie Magee, Director Caitlin Zera, and Producer Hazel Mullan. Photo by Dan Goedeker

Join us as we present at STL Sloup! Tonight!

Sloup is a “monthly pop-up soup dinner that crowdfunds microgrants for arts and community initiatives.” Each month projects are submitted and at each month’s dinner  representatives from the project present their ideas. At the end of the night, diners vote on their favorite and the winning project receives all the funds raised that evening. This month for Sloup #40 our documentary project is the pool! We will be presenting at the dinner tonight from 5pm-7pm (presentations at 6pm) at BANK on Cherokee. Join us and enjoy some soup and creative arts projects!

sloup announcement

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Our First Day in the Field

Our first day in the field proves to be fruitful – heading out toward Warrensburg (a long 3 and a half hour trip from St. Louis each way) we saw construction of the Flanagan South at three points crossing major roads. Below is an image taken roadside from Route 13 nearing Warrensburg. The trenches for the pipeline have been dug in this county, but pipe is now being laid out and being readied to be buried. We watched trucks travel down the main roads, carrying the “oversized loads” of pipes to construction destinations. Look for more images, behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews soon.

Photo & Digital Film by Max

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 9.24.29 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 9.23.36 PM